PNI WCR11 office charger for PNI PMR R11V radio stations

Accessory kit for portable CB radio station

TTi H100 accessory kit with 2600mAh battery included for TTi TCB-H100 portable CB radio station

Support 6 batteries AA (R6) for PNI Escort HP 62

Support for 6 AA batteries compatible with CB PNI Escort HP 62 station
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Support 6 AA batteries (R6) for PNI Escort HP 62

AA battery holder

The support for 6 AA batteries is compatible with the PNI Escort HP 62 radio station. It can be used when you do not want to power the station from the cigarette lighter plug, but want to use it as a portable station powered by batteries and with a BNC antenna.

Note: Batteries are not included.

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Support 6 AA batteries R6 and BNC antenna 20 cm for PNI Escort HP 62 UK

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Product identification
Accessory type Battery holder
Product code PNI-SB-HP62
Product color Black
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size 56 X 60 X 32
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Battery holder Yes