CB PNI KL60 radio amplifier

CB PNI KL60 radio amplifier, AM-FM-SSB, 35W, 12V

CB radio amplifier PNI RX-TX KL203P

CB PNI RX-TX KL203P CB Amplifier, AM-FM-SSB, 100W, 12V

CB PNI KL200-P radio amplifier, AM-FM-SSB, 100W, 12V

CB PNI radio amplifier KL200-P 28-29.7MHz, AM-FM-SSB, 100W, 12V
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power amplifier, radio station, PNI

Solid, compact and safe

The PNI KL200-P CB radio amplifier is of medium size, with a compact and solid construction, ideal to use especially due to the pre-amplifier required in case of weaker signals.

It has a size of only 120 x 125 x 40 mm and a weight of 439 grams.

For easy accessibility, the amplifier comes with front-mounted AM/SSB, TX/RX and ON/OFF switches; it also comes with built-in reverse polarity protection for increased safety.

Technical specifications

It is powered at 12-14V, it can communicate in the 28-29 MHz frequency range (AM-FM-SSB bands) with a power of up to 100W. The antenna used in conjunction with this amplifier requires an input SWR between 1.1 and 1.5.

The PNI KL200-P CB Radio Amplifier is created with a heat sink design to dissipate heat easily and quickly.

power amplifier, radio station, PNI

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Product identification
Product code PNI-KL-200
General characteristics
Frequency 28 - 29 MHz
Supply voltage 12-14 Vdc
Current input 8 - 11 A
CB amplifier input 1 - 10W AM/FM
Input to the SSB amplifier 1 - 10W SSB
Output power 100W AM/FM/SSB
Input SWR 1.1 - 1.5
strips AM-FM-SSB
Safety 12
size 120 X 40 X 125 mm
Weight 439 g
The package contains
Amplifier Yes