PNI WCR15 replacement charger

PNI WCR15 replacement charger for PNI PMR R15 radio stations

Radio station PMR 446 portable PNI Dynascan LP-50 IP67

Radio station PMR 446 portable PNI Dynascan LP-50 IP67

Motorola CLK446 Portable PMR Radio Station Pack, Squelch, Scan Channel, 1100mAh + PNI Sticky Gift

Motorola CLK446 Portable PMR Radio Station Pack, Squelch, Scan Channel, 1100mAh + PNI Sticky Gift
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PNI-MTCLK446 - Motorola CLK446 portable PMR radio station, squelch, channel scan, 1100 mAh

Motorola CLK446

Personality and productivity in one

CLK's unique style projects a professional image for your customers, without sacrificing performance. With a wide range of wearable accessories, you can attach the radio to a chain, attach it to a jacket or belt, or wear it comfortably on your wrist or arm. The bright LED screen allows you to see status information such as active channel, volume level and more in any light.

Thin and light, it redefines the radio

We designed CLK with comfort and full versatility. The antenna is integrated into the body of the radio to reduce the volume and maintain a more elegant profile. At only 98 mm long and 13.5 mm thick, this radio is easy to carry and easy to hold. But don't be fooled - like any Motorola radio, it's built to withstand everyday abuse.

Motorola CLK446

Motorola CLK446

Read the LED display in any light

CLK has a bright LED display that lets you see key status updates, including active channel, volume levels, scan mode, and more at the touch of a button.

Performance that rises to the way it looks

Communication with this portable radio is seamless and effortless, from the lively store floor to the hotel’s quiet corridor. With Motorola's renowned technology, your staff can hear and hear without static interference or interference. You can be sure that I can speak clearly and reliably to the ends of the cover.

Motorola CLK446

Motorola CLK446

Wear it the way you want

Select the best accessory to complete your job and style: just click on the ditch, tape, wrist strap, belt or magnetic clip in the center socket of the radio and you're ready to go. The built-in speaker means that users can hear the messages clearly or can add a series of tracks for more discreet communication that won't bother or be heard by others.

PNI-SPAD-01 - PNI Sticky Pad accessory for mobile devices

sticky pad

Sticky Pad special adhesive

Anti-slip support is a quick and easy way to have your mobile phone handy when you are in the car. It is made of a special and very durable material with double anti-slip characteristics. The stand can keep other objects such as sunglasses, lighters, keys, headphones or bluetooth devices safe.

Extremely sticky, good for any phone or case

The anti-slip support can be reused countless times, after losing its anti-slip qualities, the support is washed, dried and will regain its original properties.


Sticky Pad

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Product identification
Product code PNI-MTCLK-SP
Product color Black
PMR type PMR446
Working distance
Covering Up to 6 floors and 7400 square meters
Frequency and channels
channels 8 channels
General characteristics
Vox Yes
Emission power 0.5W PMR
feeding Li-Ion battery (1100 mAh)
Autonomy 5/5/90 Until 9 o'clock
Working temperature -26°C ~ +80°C
Weight 68 gr
Dimensions (W x H x D) 48 x 98 x 13.5 mm
Special features
Call tones 3 selectable ringtones
Squelch Yes
Other features Audio output Voice prompt
Audio distortion less than 2%
The package contains
Radio station 1 pc
Belt support Yes
Wall power supply Yes
Battery 1 piece (1100 mAh)
User manual Yes
Office charger Yes
Headset with microphone Yes
UK power adapter Yes

Lang Type Name Link
EN User manual Specificatii tehnice EN Link
RO User manual Manual de utilizare RO Link