Yala biometric PNI YLK100L with opening on the left side, ringer with WiFi camera included

Yala smart hotel access

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Yala biometric PNI YLK100R with opening on the right side, ringer with WiFi camera included

Yala biometric PNI YLK100R with opening on the right side, ringer with WiFi camera included
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Biometric Yala PNI YLK100R

Product description

The PNI YLK100R Biometric Yala uses the most powerful fingerprint algorithms along with a high-speed identification processor for very fast door unlocking.

The keyboard is waterproof, and when the operation is finished, the lock will automatically turn off the illumination of the fingerprint sensor, the keyboard, thus helping to save energy.

Events of all inputs can be queried in the application. The PNI YLK100R Biometric Lock is more secure and protects in addition to the traditional lock thanks to the electronically monitored secure lock.

Electromagnetic card reader

The biometric Yala PNI YLK100R offers the possibility of opening a door also with the help of an electromagnetic card. It is also provided with a spare key, which can be used in emergency cases. From the inside, the yala has a manual opening mechanism.

PNI YLK100R compatible cards have a frequency of 13.56 MHz. We recommend using PNI EMC-05 proximity cards.

Yala PNI YLK100L card

Yala PNI YLK100L opening

Opening on the right

The Yala PNI YLK100R can be used to open a door to the right looking from outside the room, as in the attached image.

Multiple unlock options

Biometric Yala PNI YLK100R comes with 6 different unlocking options for the front door: fingerprint, password, RFID card, key, bluetooth and Wifi from the dedicated app.

Made of dustproof and waterproof zinc alloy; it is ideal to be used regardless of the location of your home. It also has a touch screen made of tempered glass.

Yala PNI YLK100L multiple unlock

Yala PNI YLK100L dimensions

Yala dimensions

The dimensions of the PNI YLK100R are 312 x 69 x 72 mm and it weighs 3100 g.

The dimensions are standard and allow installation on most commercial doors.

The package contains

Electromagnetic Yala
Opening hub
Opening keys
Buckle fastening system
Mounting accessories

Yala PNI YLK100L content

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Product identification
Producer PNI
Product code PNI-YLK100R
Material metal
General characteristics
Type yala Applied
Inside opening type Electric
Supply voltage 4.8V
Compatible with intercom and access control systems Yes
Dimensions/Weight 305 X 150 X 73 mm 3 kg
Mode of application Right
Mechanical unlocking system Yes
Opening methods Access with fingerprint / card / password / key
Low voltage warning Yes
footprint Yes
Touch keyboard Yes
Package Included
Yala electromagnetic Yes
The counter Yes
Opening hub Yes
Opening keys 2 pcs.
Clamping system in the heel Yes
Mounting accessories Yes
Proximity card 2 x Mifare 1 card
Frog Yes