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PNI SafeHouse HS007 Wireless Outdoor Siren with Battery for PNI SafeHouse HS550 Wireless Alarm System

Wireless PNI Wireless Siren SafeHouse HS007 with Battery for PNI Wireless SafeHouse HS550
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Wireless communication

The PNI S007 siren is mounted quickly with a minimum of disturbance of the house due to the wireless / wireless communication. It can be used as a wireless outdoor siren attached to an alarm system.

Acoustic and visual warning

The PNI S007 siren warns you in case of alarm, both acoustic and visual, being equipped with an internal buzzer that produces a sound of up to 110 dB and a red LED that lights up in case of alarm.



Outdoor use

The siren is intended for outdoor installation, the temperature range of the use environment being between -10 and +55 degrees C. However, it must be mounted under the roof to avoid water infiltration in case of rain.

Spare battery

The PNI S007 siren will continue to operate even when the power is turned off or its power is cut off due to the rechargeable spare battery with which it is provided.


Video presentation

Wireless Alarm System PNI SafeHouse HS550 Wifi GSM 3G

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Product identification
Producer NIP
Product code PNI-S007
Color White / Red
Product features
feeding 12V 1000mAh (via included power supply) / 300mAh 7.2V AAA Ni-MH block battery (back-up)
Wireless Yes
Frequency 433 mHz
Installation The outside
Sound intensity 110 dB
size 200 X 111 X 70 mm
Weight 337 g
The package contains
Siren Yes
Mounting accessories Yes
Battery 1 x NiMH battery pack
Power Yes
Instructions for use Yes

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EU Declaration of Conformity Declaration of conformity EN-BG-DE-ES-FR-HU-IT-PL-RO Link
EU User manual User manual EN-BG-DE-ES-FR-HU-IT-PL-RO Link