PNI Green House 375W photovoltaic solar panel

PNI Green House 370W monocrystalline photovoltaic solar panel, 120 cells, 11A


PNI Green House 445W Mono Rama silver photovoltaic solar panel

Solar Inverter PNI GreenHouse SC3100B 3KW 24V 80A MPPT Off Grid Hybrid LF

Solar Inverter PNI GreenHouse SC3100B 3KW 24V 80A MPPT Off Grid Hybrid LF
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Inverter PNI SC3100B front

Green energy

The PNI GreenHouse SC3100B solar inverter is based on an AC bypass circuit that supplies consumers in your home with electricity produced by photovoltaic panels (not included) and stored in batteries (not included) or from the public electricity grid or from a generator with voltage stabilizer.

When the power supply is missing, solar energy will be used (during the day with the sun) and from the batteries to power the consumers.

Integrated protection circuits prevent the battery from overcharging by closing the inverter when the battery voltage drops below a certain level. When mains or generator power is restored, the inverter automatically switches to AC power, powers consumers, and charges the battery.

The PNI GreenHouse SC3100B inverter can also be part of a renewable energy system, as a central control and power management unit.


The PNI GreenHouse SC3100B inverter has a 230V output with pure sine wave thanks to which it can supply motor equipment: refrigerators, pumps, saws, grinders, air compressors, office equipment (computers, scanners, printers, monitors, etc.), home appliances (vacuum cleaners). , coffee makers, toasters, etc.) as well as industrial equipment.

PN31 SC3100B inverter - diagram

Inverter PNI SC3100B - connections

Main features

• Illuminated display and menu for advanced settings • Pure sine wave
• Integrated 80A MPPT solar charging controller
• AC / battery priority
• AGS system (Auto generator start)
• Integrated low frequency copper transformer

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Maximum input power from photovoltaic panels 2500 W
Maximum input DC voltage from the photovoltaic panels 30 - 130 V
Maximum solar charging current 80 A
Solar charging efficiency 98%
Solar charger type MPPT
Nominal output voltage 230 V
Rated output power 3000 W
Maximum apparent power 5000 VA
Output voltage waveform Pure Sinusoidal
Output signal frequency 50Hz/60Hz +/-0.3Hz
AC input voltage 230 VAC
Input signal frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Input voltage waveform Sinusoidal
Connecting to the network (back-up) Yes
Compatible batteries Lead acid / Gel / AGM
Battery supply voltage 24 V
Minimum battery start-up voltage 20 V
Integrated inverter type Low frequency / toroidal transformer
Inverter efficiency >88%
Typical transfer time 15ms max
Line mode efficiency >95%
Hybrid operating modes - Utility priority - Battery priority
Low battery alarm Yes
Disconnected battery alarm Yes
Overvoltage alarm Yes
AC overload protection Yes
MOUNTING On the wall
Use temperature 0°C - 40°C
Dimensions/Weight 425 X 250 X 195 mm 23.6 kg
The package contains
Solar inverter Yes
Accessory - USB cable
User manual Yes

Lang Type Name Link
EN User manual User manual PNI GreenHouse SC3100B - EN-RO Link
RO Declaration of Conformity Declaratie de conformitate RO Link
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