PNI WCR15 replacement charger

PNI WCR15 replacement charger for PNI PMR R15 radio stations

Portable PMR radio station Motorola CLK446

Motorola CLK446 Portable PMR Radio Station Pack, Squelch, Scan Channel, 1100mAh + PNI Sticky Gift

Portable radio station PNI PMR R63 446MHz, 0.5W, with Bluetooth

PNI PMR R63 portable radio station with Bluetooth function
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PNI PMR R63 portable radio station

Walkie-Talkie PMR 446MHz

PNI PMR R63 is a communication tool within everyone's reach. The use of the PMR 446Mhz frequency does not require a license and is available for both business and personal use in most countries in the European Union.

Walkie-Talkie PMR are commonly used for recreation, during outdoor activities, on construction sites or for communication inside the same building. Depending on the surrounding relief, the range of action can vary from a few hundred meters (in a city) to a few kilometers (open landscape). In addition, PMR446 can also be used by radio amateurs and radio enthusiasts as an experimental band, without a license.

Free-to-use portable radio station

We created this Walkie-Talkie to combine all the important functions for you in a free-to-use product that allows experts or non-experts, big or small to communicate in complete freedom. PNI PMR R63 uses 16 PMR channels , scans all frequencies within a maximum radius of 5 km , voice notification of different functions, monitors the current channel, transmits and receives efficiently by pressing the PTT key or via VOX and saves energy effectively.

With a compact and very thin design, easy to use and intuitive, PNI PMR R63 is perfect for the whole family.

PNI PMR R63 portable radio station

PNI PMR R63 portable radio station

Bluetooth headset with PTT button included

Pair the PMR station with the headset via Bluetooth and you will be able to transmit and receive without holding the station in your hand.

The Bluetooth headset has keys for volume control, PTT key, On/Off key, LED indicator and USB Type C port for charging the internal battery.

Battery charger included

Connect the USB Type C end of the cable included in the package to the USB Type C port on the station. Connect the other end of the cable into a 230V - 5V power adapter. Connect the adapter to a 230V socket.

During charging, the LED next to the USB port is red and turns green when the battery is fully charged.

PNI PMR R63 portable radio station

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Product identification
Product code PNI-PMR-R63
Product color Black
PMR type PMR446
Frequency and channels
PMR Frequency (UHF) 400~470MHz
channels 16 channels
Frequency step 12.5 KHz (PMR)
General characteristics
Security codes 50 CTCSS, 104 DCS
Vox On 5 levels
LCD screen Not
Emission power 0.5W
feeding Li-Ion battery 3.7 V (1200 mAh)
feeding USB Type C
Working temperature -26°C ~ +80°C
Weight 146 g
Dimensions (W x H x D) 160 x 60 x 30 mm
Hi/Low power selection Yes
Voice menu Yes
Special features
Lock the keyboard Yes
Channel scan Yes
Key tones Yes
Low battery indicator Yes
Automatic energy saver Yes
Channel monitoring Yes
Built-in Bluetooth mode Yes
Squelch Yes, on 5 levels
TOT (Time Out Timer) Yes
USB port Yes, for charging
Other features Bluetooth headset with PTT button included
The package contains
Radio station 1 pc
Headset with microphone and PTT/Vox button Yes
Cord Yes
USB cable Yes
Wired PTT button