PNI SP1000W voltage inverter

PNI SP1000W voltage inverter with pure sinusoid, 12V power supply

24-12V PNI DC-400 converter

Converter 24-12V PNI DC-400 rated current 40A

PNI SP2000W voltage inverter with pure sinusoid, 12V power supply

PNI SP2000W voltage inverter with pure sinusoid
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220V socket

The PNI SP2000W inverter is equipped with two sockets with an output of 230 V alternating current, pure sine wave for powering any electrical device.

Multiple applications

The inverter can be used to power various electrical devices with resistive load such as: televisions, lighting lamps, radios, fans, mini-fridges, power supplies.



Operating status warning

The status LEDs of the PNI SP2000W inverter will warn you of the presence of error situations such as a discharged vehicle battery, overheating or overcharging of the device or will indicate its connection status to a power source.


The inverter can be used in any vehicle because it is designed to transform the voltage supplied by a 12 V battery into 230 V 50 Hz voltage. It is only used connected directly to the car battery.


Overheating protection

The aluminum housing of the inverter and the two built-in fans allow extremely efficient passive and active cooling, and operation at maximum capacity all the time.

Incompatible with solar panels

Car inverters cannot be used with solar panels. There are special inverters for solar systems.

solar panel

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Product identification
Model For inductive/resistive loads
Product code PNI-SP2000W
General characteristics
Power output 2000 W continuous
Input voltage 12V DC
Output voltage 220 V
Working frequency 50 Hz
Active cooling With fan
Maximum output power
Consumption in stand-by 10-15W
Efficiency >88%
Overload capacity > 120%
Cable length 44 cm
Output waveform Pure sinusoid
Operating temperature -10°C ~ +40°C
Storage temperature -20°C ~ +55°C
size 440 X 220 X 100 mm
Weight 4.27 Kg
Moisture ≤ 90%
Alarms and protections
Overload warning Yes
Thermal protection Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Overload protection Yes
230 V socket 2 sockets
The package contains
inverters Yes
Power cord Yes
Key Yes
User manual Yes

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EU Declaration of Conformity Declaration of conformity EN, BG, DE, ES, FR, HU, IT, PL, RO Link
EU User manual User manual EN, RO Link