Confidentiality policy

1. General information

Your personal privacy is one of the main concerns of SC ONLINESHOP SRL, headquartered in 26A Olteniei Street, Piatra Neamt, Romania, as a data controller. 

We consider it important to protect your privacy and to be open about how we use your personal data.

This document is intended to inform you about the processing of your personal data and rights concerning such processing under the General data protection regulations ( "GDPR" - EU Regulation no. 679/2016) and the local legislation (Law no. 677/2001), in the use of the website,


2. Principles of data protection

 - The personal data collection shall be done only for the specified, explicit and legitimate purposes. 

- Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, updated;

- The processing of personal data shall be done in a lawful, fair and transparent manner; 

- All personal information will be kept confidential and stored in a manner that ensures the necessary security; 

- The personal data will not be distributed to any third parties unless this is necessary in order to provide services according to the agreements;


3. Categories of processed personal data

Personal data means any information that can be linked to an identified or identifiable natural person (individual subject). Personal data include all types of direct or indirect information (ie used in conjunction with other data) that relates to the subject person, such as name, date of birth, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

The personal data collected by ONLINESHOP SRL may fall into the following categories:

- client - we shall process your personal data such as surname and first name, phone, email address, billing address, delivery address, data about how you use and any other categories of data that you provide directly within the context of creating the user account in the context of placing an order by or otherwise resulting from the use

- visitor - we shall process your personal data you provide directly in the context of using, such as the data you provide in the form for inquiries or complaints, insofar you complete it.

- applicant for a job within ONLINESHOP SRL as a candidate, by accessing the Careers section available on - we will process your personal data you provide in this context, such as surname, first name, e –mail address, phone, experience and any other data included in the documents you choose to upload in this section. 

- contact person of partners or potential partners - we will process your contact information such as surname and first name, e –mail address and phone you provide in the context of initiating and conducting the contractual relationship with partners or potential partners.

Providing your data for this purpose is voluntary. The refusal to provide data for this purpose will have no negative consequences for you. The processing of your data for this purpose is based on your consent, if you choose to provide it.


4. Purpose for personal data collection and their use

The purpose of collecting and processing personal data by ONLINESHOP SRL is the proper conduct of the contractual relationship between the parties. 

For fulfilling the legal responsibilities incumbent to ONLINESHOP SRL in the context of the provided services, the tax obligations and the archiving requirements, your personal data will be used as follows:

- for the undertaking, validation, shipment and invoicing of a placed order, your information on the order status, its cancellation, return organization of ordered products and also management of products coming under warranty; 

- informing customers / buyers on their accounts status, solving of problems whatsoever regarding an order, any purchased goods and / or services; 

- for marketing activities, respectively for transmission by means of remote communication means (email, sms) of commercial communications related to the products and services offered by ONLINESHOP SRL;

- delivery of newsletters and / or periodic alerts, by using electronic mail (e-mail, SMS), only if the concerned person has explicitly expressed his/her consent; 

- market research, monitoring of sales and customer/ buyer behaviour;

 - for settling complaints, claims; 

- for purposes and reasons related to economic and fiscal liabilities.

Also, ONLINESHOP LLC may provide personal data of the customer to other partner companies, but only under a commitment from them and only for the purposes for which they ensure that data shall be kept ssafely and that the provision of personal information is made according to law in force as follows: the providers of courier services, marketing services, insurers, providers of payment services / banking services, telemarketing or any other services, provided by companies with which we can develop joint offering programs on the goods and services market.

The personal information of the customer may be provided also to the General Prosecutor´s Office, Police, legal courts and any other competent bodies of the state, under and within the legal provisions and as a result of some expressly filed requests.


5. Duration of data processing, transfer and security

ONLINESHOP SRL will use personal data only for the purpose for which it was collected and will store data only as necessary for any of the above mentioned purposes or for the period of time provided by legal provisions in the matter. The access to personal data is strictly limited to the authorized personnel.

If you are a customer, we will process your data throughout the contractual relationships and subsequently according to the internal policies of ONLINESHOP SRL or for the time necessary to fulfil our legal obligations coming to us (for example, in the case of the supporting accounting and financial documents for which the statutory retention period is 10 years from the conclusion of the financial year during which they were completed).

If you are a customer and exercise your option to delete your user account by pressing the Delete account button, we shall interpret this action as your option to unsubscribe from receiving commercial communications whereby we keep you informed about the products and services provided by In this sense, if you choose to delete the user account, we will stop sending e-mails and / or SMS of such type. However, please note that deleting your account will not result in the automatic deletion of your personal data. If you wish for your personal data not to be processed any longer or if you want to delete the data, you can exercise your rights detailed in section VI below. If you request the deletion of your account, but on that account there is at least one active order, the application for the account deletion will be registered only after the product delivery and the completion of the last active order.

The personal data provided to ONLINESHOP SRL may be transferred abroad, but only to EU countries. 

ONLINESHOP SRL will apply and maintain adequate technical measures to protect personal data against destruction or accidental or illegal loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access, in particular where the processing involves the data transmission via a network, and also against any other form of illegal processing.


6. Your rights

 In connection with this processing of personal data, if you choose to give your consent, you will enjoy the following rights under the General Data Protection Regulation

  • the right of access; 
  • the right to correct or delete personal data; 
  • the right to request restriction of personal data processing; 
  • the right to data portability; 
  • the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning the same; 
  • the right to address to court and the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing; 
  • the right not to be subject to an automated decision-making process (profiling).

To exercise these rights, an application may be filed in writing, dated and signed to the attention of ONLINESHOP SRL. Since May 25, 2018 for any question or complaint related to the processing of personal data, please contact our data processing officer by e-mail at [email protected]

To keep updated the personal data, we encourage our users to notify us of any changes or discrepancy.


7. Final notices

In the unlikely event where the users of ONLINESHOP SRL encountered damages due to breach of rights under the personal data protection policy and our company failed to treat the complaint properly, they can send a complaint to higher authority (National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing). 

These policies presented above may be updated from time to time, for example following the amendment of the relevant internal or international legislation. If changes are made to this material, customers will be notified by e-mail or via the website before the changes take effect.

We encourage customers to check this page periodically to be informed about the latest news regarding our privacy practices. 

By reading the document, you acknowledge that you are guaranteed with the rights provided by the law, namely the right to information, right of access to data, the right of interference, the right to object, the right of not to being subject to an individual decision, the right to appeal to justice in case of the breach of rights, guaranteed by Law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, and EU Regulation no. 679/2016.